Pencil Vs Pen

Pencil vs pen?

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Hi Everyone, well let me explain what i mean when i say pencil vs pen. I am implying that when someone writes down a to do list. If they write it in pencil then they can rub it out and change it when ever they feel like it. I will be completely honest with you……Quite a lot of the time, the things i said i was going to do i changed them and they just kept getting delayed and delayed and so on.

Let’s be completely honest anyone who is reading this will have done it before. Setting yourself a to do list and you’ve never always gone through with 100% of what you originally set out to do. You would be lying to yourself if you seriously believed that you always did everything.

SO…….What I mean when I say pen is honestly quite self exoplanetary to be honest. When we write something down in pen. We can erase what we wrote. If you’ve been given a task or you’ve wrote on down. That’s now there for you to put a tick next to it showing you’ve completed the task in hand.

Let’s be honest it’s impossible to be perfect, we just need to choose weather we write our tasks in Pencil or Pen. Our first step is to actually take a step back and think exactly what we plan to achieve compared to what you want to achieve. There’s a difference from what needs doing compared to what we want doing.

Honestly i believe once you figure out exactly what you want to achieve , that will make life so much easier because you’ve then got a guideline to becoming successful. Honestly be patient and think about what you want before going jumping into something you think you might want when in fact it was just a random thought.

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