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The way i keep myself positive and always laugh about everything. Is the simplistic of things, which is i never take the serious sort of topics, actually seriously. Which i know sounds unusual but ill gove an example which is when i fell and fractured my right cheekbone , i didn’t feel depressed or angry. I just laughed and said look at how beautiful i made myself look.

I know someone might think “yea that’s pretty serious an injury” but it’s all about a personal perspective. I just joke about the injuries no matter what. I mean I’m grateful for all of it. The seizures the absenses yes they can be a little irritating but i just get my mum and dad and little sister who i live with just to make jokes about them.

That’s one of the main reasons i decided to set up this blog to explain to people that yes even though I’m 24 , if i can have a laugh no matter what, then anyone is capable of just getting through it. I’ve spoken to a couple of people who have said they felt a little frustrated by them.

I think it kind of shows how serious i take things, i got my mates to nickname me “Milkshake” your probably thinking Why? Well let me tell you. The reason is because I’m like a milk bottle and the word shake is because of the stereotypical version of epilepsy is shaking. I mean if i can have my own mates make jokes about that and i just laugh.

When someone has made a joke about shaking on the floor i just laugh and say well on the upside I’ll be the best dancer there. Someone might say, it requires strength. I would say it requires a sense of humour. I hope this can help you and show that no matter how old you are, you can just make fun of yourself and that’s one of the pieces of advice i can give you.

Thanks 🙂

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  1. Rusti 24 June 2021

    Aaron, that is a great way to look at living life with epilepsy. I try to do the same and try to find some humor about seizures or any situation I get myself into. Keep up the positive attitude and just be you.

    • aaron 24 June 2021 — Post author

      Thanks for your support, the reason I look at things the way I do is because everyone takes life to seriously so by me just having fun with it. Then gives me nothing to be bothered by

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