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How not to be a victim

all it takes is one perons vision

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Even if there are people who don’t believe in you, as long as you believe in yourself and believe that you can be successful. All you need is a vision, if you’ve got your eye on success then you know what your aiming for. It’s just then down to you to find the right route to reach it.

Everyone has there own version of success in life, the thing is you aren’t like everyone else. So who cares what you aim for as long as your happy with the route your taking and believe you can succeed with what you are aiming for.

Only people destined to fail are the ones who follow there friends like a sheep, Now i walk alone but that’s ow it should be done. I’m not saying don’t be friends with them, what I’m saying is don’t try and copy there every move. You’ll never achieve anything in life coping others.

You will succeed taking your own path and you will feel a hell of a lot happier walking your own path compared to waiting for your friends to make a move for you to follow. In life all you will ever know is being a sheep.

Now that’s not the life anyone want’s, mean yea when your in high school you want to be like your mates but soon as you hit the real world. That’s when you appear as you not copying your friends every step. Become a new version of yourself. Not a version of your friend

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