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Needing a Goalplan is what everyone needs, I mean how are you supposed to get from A to B if your stood at A but you’ve got no idea which way your facing. If you want to become successful you need a plan. Even if it’s a rough sketch. At least you’ve got one

I know what i want to achieve, am I still working my way up the ladder to reach it. Yes I am completely but at least i know what direction I’m facing in the first place. The main things you need to know out of your 10 steps you need to know where 1 and 2 are and what direction to reach number 5 but the main one is knowing what step 10 is.

If you know what your final goal is, it’ll help you because you know what your aiming for and knowing step 10 you can tell what mistakes you’ve made on the way. If you’ve not gone that direction you know you need to press back space and redirect your mistake

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