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How not to be a victim

stronger than you realise

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When we go through life, Yea it’s difficult and never straight forwards. There’s a lot of people who get pushed around and people believe they can just walk over you. Well I’m here to tell you they’re wrong. Growing up i was verbally pushed around for couple years and attempted to do something but never actually did

Until one day i pretty much snapped and went off like a hurricane, which i look back on now and i regret because losing self control is letting the bullies win. We’re al strong enough to overcome these problems. It just requires willpower and strength to accomplish it.

No matter how much you may get pushed around. You are strong enough and more than capable of success. It’s jut down to you to overcome how they treat you and show everyone your better than them because i know you are. It’s just about if you believe in yourself.

If you are strong enough to overcome people pushing you around then you are capable of anything you set your mind to. It’s just have you got it in you to do it or not. It does take a lot to get going but once your on the move you need to keep running and never look back.

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