The Straight Path Leads To Failure?

The Straight Path Leads To Failure?

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Right , so what i mean by this is that if your path was straight forwards without any hiccups then your facing the wrong direction , the correct path has more twists and turns that a F1 race. Obviously you don’t want it to be to challenging but you don’t want it to be easy.

Look at it this way , if it was straight forwards then you would get to the finish line easily and because of how quickly you got there you absorbed barely and knowledge or information. Your challenge is difficult and you have to take your time , every second you spend is one second more of knowledge you never knew.

Time and patience get’s you from A to B , in a strange way the twists and turns are the best part. The reason i believe this is because it makes you work twice as hard to get round that bend. We are all capable of excellence but it’s all down to your dedication and willingness to succeed.

If you’re not willing to put the time and effort in to create results then honestly i feel sorry for you because you’re blowing such a massive opportunity to learn and create a better version of yourself. It doesn’t matter on the size of the goal as long as you have the drive to succeed success.

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