The Story So Far

The Story So Far

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So let’s start from the beginning , of my story. I got diagnosed with epilepsy when i was 10 years old having my first seizure on the same day i was supposed to do my exams at Primary School. They had been under control for a decent amount of time but as i got older , the control started to loosen up.

Going through high school was Off and On as seizures were like the flick of a switch , my attendance at school was 67% because of how they were. My seizures slowed for a while and my girlfriend at the time was always there to support me all the way through high school. One main Event that happened to me was losing my Little Sister when she was Age 11.

I was just about to go into year 11 and my older brother was just about to start college when it happened , i’m glad i had good friends to support me then. My girlfriend at the time was always there for me but as we were going to different colleges we wouldn’t see each other as much so as a difficult decision we parted ways. I mean yes we do still speak every so often but we will remains friends.

2012 i started College studying to become a Chef , and i stayed at college for two years which was a challenge as seizures were tricky but also i had people try bully and push me around making jokes and throwing coins at my head and flicking phone torches in my eyes saying “I hope you have a fit and die” I changed college after completing the two year course and the same thing happened.

People making jokes trying push me around and one guy slapped me in the face whilst i was sat down calling me a retard , i will be honest and i am ashamed by it but yes he got thrown over two tables and i got sent home for the day for his safety as they knew they didn’t trust us being close together because i was a lot bigger than him.

I’ll be honest , losing my temper was a main problem and when i started my job as a chef i had people talk to me slowly like i was stupid so i walked out. I took a fall and fractured my right cheekbone and was told by the hospital it wasn’t wise going back to work.

So the next part to the story is where i am now , it was actually my dad who mentioned about speaking to people who also suffer with epilepsy i thought play to your advantage and then i set up this business as a Motivational Speaker and i have been fortunate to speak to many universities and speaking to Students , Teachers and TA’s. Some of these students were Doctors And Nurses.

Now i’m just hoping it continues and i can spread the word around to the country and it would be a dream to say share my story to the world. I really enjoy speaking to new people who have or are going through similar situations to me and hope to help them and learn more on the way.

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i am here to explain about how epilepsy has effected me and my life so far growing up and hope to achieve which is to improve the lives of other people. My Goal is to help change peoples lives who may feel lost or in need of guidance

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