Overcoming The Obstacle Of Misdirection

Overcoming The Obstacle Of Misdirection

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Ok , let’s start from the beginning here. We all have goals and ambitions in life and that’s a fact. The problem we will all encounter is a thing called “Misdirection” which is where you are on the right path and one opens up and you decide you want to take it on.

Until you hit a brick wall and the realisation that you’ve made a massive mistake kicks in. The thing is that just because we’ve hit that wall doesn’t mean we are stuck , it just means you need to retrace your steps and try again. Honestly what i believe is the sooner we hit those walls the better as it then opens up a wide variety of options to take.

Honestly you will encounter a lot of brick walls , the thing is though by hitting these at the start is a lot better than hitting them half way down your journey. If you managed to get half way through your journey without seeing one then you need to rethink what you are doing because you’re not trying hard enough.

The reason i believe this is because if it was easy then everyone would be doing it , the road you choose is designed by you alone. There’s a thing to remember , don’t let people tell you where to go because then it’s not your journey.

over complicating it is a very easy trap to fall into , stick to a single road at the beginning and once you’ve built a base and you start construction then yes you can start to branch out a little bit. Overcomplicating your journey will leave you sat there just lost with no clue and on-one wants that.

Success is built on determination and drive to succeed. Make sure there are only one pair of foot prints in the sand. Also self belief is a massive facture , if you believe you can achieve anything then you can. Going into your journey with confidence is also important because if you go into a situation where you are constantly hesitating then your going nowhere anytime soon.

As you progress , do not rush anything you do. There’s no dealine to success , you rush you fail and that’s a fact. It doesn’t matter if you take one week or one month to decide on step one. Making sure you are confident with your decision is crucial.

Your not breaking the rules by asking for help or opinions from family or friends just make sure that there input is just a suggestion not a direction. Time for success is now so don’t just sit thinking about ideas what you wish you could achieve , turn those dreams into reality and take the world by storm. Trust me you’ll be glad you took that first step.

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