My VNS Surgery Experience

My VNS Surgery Experience

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I had my VNS also known as “Vagus Nerve Stimulator” on November 20th 2021 and honestly i had mixed feelings about it , about 4/5 months before hand i was really excited and then i heard the words “Your operation is tomorrow” i was pretty nervous. After the operation when i woke up i just started smiling thinking to myself “finally we aren’t just talking about getting it done , it is done”

It’s been nearly 8 months already and i actually forget it’s there , even now i completely forget I actually have a battery in my chest. You do completely forget it’s there. The Doctor/Nurse will explain more about it to you but you feel a little vibration….Well more of a tingle in the back of your throat but don’t worry that’s normal , what that means is it can sense a absence seizure coming on and sends a little electric shock to stop it.

When i say electric shock i don’t mean painful , because it’s not. I actually find it tingles and tickles a bit at the same time but you’ll get used to it. When it does start to tingle you will also feel kind of like a little squeeze, that’s just a pulse so don’t worry.

The thing what I’m doing is because you will notice it’ll effect when your talking when it does start to pulse. The thing that I do is stop talking for a minute wait for it to stop then carry on as normal. You will be given two magnetic bracelets and what they are used for is pretty basic really.

If a seizure starts or if you do feel one coming on , hold it against your chest above where the battery is and it’ll slow it down and help bring you back around. Since the battery is on the left side of your chest. Wear the bracelet on your right wrist. I’m sure the professionals will tell you anyway but leave it on. Even though it’s a Velcro strap. Sleep with it on but make sure not to have to close to your phone.

I was given a cardboard ID which you need keep on you because it has all hospital details on there. One thing the hospital told me but I’m not sure if it’s something they will tell you but , If your going on holiday which involves a plane , show them the ID so you don’t have to walk through metal detectors because they can damage the battery. They do same with people with pacemakers.

You should do same if your going to Supermarket where they have those deterctors up. Tell person there you can’t go through them for saftety and there should never be a problem. All i can mainly say is dpn’t be nervous be excited and confident about it.

Look at it this way , a simple operation can help improve your seizures and help you progress in life , I’m not saying this is your golden ticket but it will get you over the first barrier towards a better future for yourself. So Stay positive and focus on your future and nothing else.

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