Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

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When going through difficult times , sometimes what you want and what you think you want are completely different. You might try jumping from step one to step four. trying to rush because your sick of what’s happening and you just want to change it like the flick of a switch but as we all know you’d be out of your mind to think it’d be that easy.

Nothing in this life is straight forwards , just because it’s not straight forward doesn’t mean it’s impossible or that your not capable of making those changes. The Tunnel you are walking down will not be straight. There will be bumps all the way through it.

You might feel lost on the odd occasion but there is always someone willing to help you. Shutting people out is probably one of the worst things. I know from experience that shutting people out and trying to walk alone actually takes you backwards because you have no idea what to do. So having my mum and dad there to help guide me you will not believe how much that helped me in time of need.

If i didn’t have them there to help guide me , i would’ve made it to possibly step two or three. I wouldn’t have gone any further because i would have no idea which way to face or how to get over those bumps that were in my way.

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i am here to explain about how epilepsy has effected me and my life so far growing up and hope to achieve which is to improve the lives of other people. My Goal is to help change peoples lives who may feel lost or in need of guidance

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