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Honestly once you have changed your perspective on everything i want you to look at setting your mind on a goal. It doesn’t matter how big or small that goal is. I went to college and focused on get the right qualifications and Diploma’s on becoming a chef. I made sure i put 100 percent into all my work and course work to be the best i could be and i did. I started working as a chef and seizures died down for a while because i had something to focus on. I’ve noticed that when you focus your mind it takes you away from all the negatives because you are so determined on succeeding your goal you forget about everything else. When i wasn’t at college i would i would sit and draw because it was relaxing and i just zoned out completely from everything.

Different things i tried

I tried many different things to try help me. Such as i spent hours and hours drawing and i thought since so many people asked me to design tattoos for them i thought to myself why not look at becoming a tattooist and i decided to buy my own tattoo machine which after a while i realized was a mistake. I tried calling tattooists and visited stores with all my drawings and i mentioned epilepsy they did ask me was it under control with my medication and because it wasn’t fully controlled and stable by law it wasn’t safe so i had to get rid of that idea for a while.

I tried going to the gym so i could focus my mind and relax without having to think about any problems but after 4 for 5 months i had a couple of seizures so i had to freeze my membership.

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