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One of the downfalls to the seizures or absences is that amount of time it happens for, even though it may only last 10 seconds, the entire day vanishes. You remember nothing before hand, when I have mine I have no signs or indications. As I’ve been informed by my mum and dad that even though I’m in the middle of one I will continue the conversation even though I’m not present

From my perspective it’s very frustrating because sometimes after It’s happened as well as not knowing. I feel exhausted afterwards, Not every single time but a large percentage of the time. I can next minute wake up not remembering even falling asleep or even being aware of the time missed.

Not knowing what happened can become frustrating because since you’ve got no idea what the conversation was about or what people have said to you. I describe it as “Away With The Fairies” since you are conscious but unaware of your surroundings.

They used to bother me quite a lot but now yeah they are more irritating compared to frustrating. There’s no point getting frustrated about them, since it’s known that stress can actually cause more seizures to happen.

I want you to think about it “Stress can cause more seizures, so stressing about the seizures even happening” will probably cause them to happen more often than usual.

Now all i think to myself is ok, well it doesn’t matter. It happened so what let’s get on with the day. I just hope people can listen to what I have to say and follow what I do which is add humour to them and not create more stress or frustration into your life.

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