What Is The Right Path?

What Is The Right Path?

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Let’s be honest here, We’ve all been told by either parents or teachers or , well anyone to follow the right path to become successful. The thing is though and let’s be honest. There isn’t a so called right path. Your right path could be, Let’s use an example…..”Following the north star” that might be exactly the path that works for you.

The correct way for me might be facing East , the thing is just because we are facing in different directions doesn’t necessarily mean one of us has won and the other has failed. Starting of in a different direction is the best and here is why……Instead of playing follow the leader with others, going a diffrent way you have no distractions.

If you go the same directions as others as they go 1,2,3,4 since they are following each other side by side your never going to achieve anything. Following each other when one stops so does the other so they wait for there friends because they want to stick by them completely.

The thing is , the direction I went with everything was. Yes i still spoke to my mates but I followed my own career path. As well as becoming more qualified in what i was doing. I focused more and lost all the distractions, By losing the distractions I wasn’t thinking “Oh on Saturday night let’s go out drinking” I stayed in completed all my course work for college. Since becoming more successful was my main priority not goin out drinking on a Saturday might with my mates.

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