My Epilepsy Journey

How not to be a victim

Trust in your instincts

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Honestly when this happened it felt amazing yes but, i didn’t take the opportunity because i was more interested in looking after my mum and with how seizures were going i would’ve never been able to live alone. Becoming a Inspirational/Motivational Speaker is where i need to be.

Honestly i’m glad i didn’t do it because yes i enjoyed being a chef yes but the hours were to long and needing take medication plus stress of it all just wasn’t right for me. I’m glad i chose to do this because obviously i understand myself more than anyone else can.

Talking to people who are struggling in confidence is the right place for me because it’s not very stressful and i don’t really need to think about it because it just happens so it’s not something i need to learn or research because it’s already in my head every hour every second of the day

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