Seeing The World Through My Eyes

Seeing The World Through My Eyes

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I have no judgement towards people who don’t really know much about epilepsy , it’s not fault of your own , it’s a very complex topic. I know people have a outline idea which is from what people hear such as “Epilepsy Is Just When You Fall On The Floor And Shake” well i can tell you it’s a lot more complex than just falling.

Ok , well in a way they’re correct , yet also wrong at the same time. I have drop seizures also known as “Akinetic Seizures” which is a drop attacks or drop seizures. The sudden lack of muscle strength, or tone, can cause the person to fall to the ground.

I have those every so often which if you check out the page called “Every Single Injury” you can see the outcome of these seizures. I’ve had everything from Fractured right cheekbone to dislocated Finger to Cut open my head and broken my wrist.

I also have absence seizures also known as “Petit Mal” which is where you lose awareness of your surroundings for a short time. During an absence seizure, a person may stare blankly into space. look like they’re “day – dreaming” which sometimes is difficult to detect but that’s one of the signs.

What i’m trying to say is it’s very complex and some people don’t understand how difficult a day to day might actually be. I’ve had absence seizures when been stood in the middle of the road fortunately someone who knows me well got to me in time or I would’ve been hit by a car.

A different type of Seizure I have is called “Nocturnal Seizures” which happen when you are asleep. I’ve had many of those when I’ve been in my room and my mum has shouted my dad because could hear me and it sounds like a panic attack in my sleep.

One of them I actually fell off my bed hit my head onto the floor and bruising all side of my head. Another time I had one I know it doesn’t sound nice but people need understand how scary it actually is. Half of my pillow case was pure blood and blood running down the side of my mouth where I had bit my tongue that hard and the inside of my mouth.

he reason I have typed all this is because i want people to see through my eyes on how difficult things are , I want more people to open there eyes to it not just thinking it’s small , it’s very complex. Here is another fact for you , about 3 weeks ago my friend I only knew about a year , had a epileptic seizure in her sleep and sadly passed away. Now you’ve just read that. I don’t want sympathy , I want more recognition to the topic.

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i am here to explain about how epilepsy has effected me and my life so far growing up and hope to achieve which is to improve the lives of other people. My Goal is to help change peoples lives who may feel lost or in need of guidance

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