My Epilepsy Journey

How not to be a victim

My Passion

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My addiction is to success, I wont take I cant or I’m not good enough as an answer. We are the makers of our destiny. My goal is to not stop till I have helped as many people as I can to succeed in there full potential and feel good about doing it

My Goal

What is your life goal ? Mine is to be successful by making everyone else’s lives easier and more positive. And make everyone’s life more straight forward. I honestly think by me helping other people to be more positive I think ill learn more on the journey ? just hope everyone knows me for being that person who makes a difference. I believe as i go through life trying my best to help other people , ill actually learn more about myself and be able to explain more to others as i move forward. I hope to pass on what iv’e been through and learned to improve other peoples lives so they can move forwards in life and be happier and more positive about everything. I wan’t to bring people who might feel like they are sat in the dark who might feel lost into a place where they can move forwards and smile.

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