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How not to be a victim

knowing i made a difference is worth more than money

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Honestly my main goal isn’t money. The prize I have my eyes on is making a difference. Being known as the one who can hold his hand up 🙋🏻‍♂️ and say “I did that!” now those three words are priceless. Knowing That i have even if it’s just one person. That’s a fantastic feeling.

Yes, some people have made the assumption that i’m only doing this for money, honestly the feeling knowing that i have helped someone makes me feel grateful. The way i look at things are s simple as. I don’t want anything in return, all I need is people to lend an ear and listen to what i have to say and share the message.

When people get a buzz from….let’s use the example of “Alcohol” , well honestly this is my addiction. The addiction to making a difference. It’s not for personal gain , it’s to help others. It’s as simple as that to be honest.

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