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Impossible To Be wrong

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You may not realize it but when it comes down to your own disability and how it makes you feel, It’s impossible for anyone to tell you your wrong. Everyone is unique when it comes down to disability. I know a couple of people have told me they felt depressed about there epilepsy and how it made them feel.

I feel sorry for them and genuinely hope that there perspective changes. Now when it comes down to mine. Yes it did make me feel down a lot of the time but now, telling people have epilepsy cheers me up. Knowing that I’m unique…..yea different to others but different is good

As I’ve said previously, my goal and dream is to be stood in front of people on a stage making a difference, me telling people how my seizures effect me. Since it’s a personal perspective, it’s actually impossible to tell me that I’m wrong. I have my own views and fair enough people have there’s

Even doctors don’t understand epilepsy to the full extent, a personal feeling and reaction is…..Well Personal, exactly the same as nobody has the same thumbprint, people may have similar experiences but it’s physically impossible for someone to be a mirror image of you. You are unique and it’s time to Kick the door down and fight to victory

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