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How not to be a victim

How Will Change Help Me?

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I believe if you change the way you look at everything then you’ll start to improve. Such as instead of being sat there feeling sorry for yourself. You actually think right ok yes this is the problem i’m having and this is what i’m going to do to try change it.

I used to think why is this happening to me and i just felt like giving up and being sat there feeling sorry for myself. I noticed my seizures and absences became more frequently because i was always stressing about them but once i had changed the way i felt about them and started feeling positive towards everything such as feeling right ok a absence happened it doesn’t matter let’s crack on with the day and not let it get to me , because if i sat there and let it get to me it would be stuck in the back of my mind. I noticed writing down how i felt if there was any troubles i was feeling during the day down and think to myself why am i feeling like this and try altering how i was. Personally writing things down did actually help me so my suggestion to you is actually to try writing things down and see if there is one two or three things that are recurring , if there is something then circle that and think to yourself why am i feeling like this and how can i change to get rid of it?

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