We Will Bend But We Will Never Break

We Will Bend But We Will Never Break

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through our journey we will struggle and we will face twists and turns but we’re all strong enough to continue , you should never stop believing in your future. Trust me it’s not over , your only one step away from reaching success.

I know sometimes you feel like you’re on the edge of giving up but you need to believe that you can do anything your passionate about. I mean don’t get me wrong i have felt like quitting and giving up but then i realised , there’s a reason i started so why quit?

We all need to shout out our Battle Cry , never stop fighting for what you believe in and you will never lose. If you stand your ground no matter what obstacles you face then you are destined for greatness. If you fall and stay down then you might as well stay there because you’re going no where fast.

You need to go through your journey like no one knows who you are so when you do create an impact , the entire world knows your name. The way i go about things is as simple as i don’t really talk about my next step , i just keep going and wait for the people to notice.

In your life you should never go to people telling them what you have achieved , you should keep going and build your bridge and wait for someone to see what you have built , that doesn’t mean build the best just to impress others.

That’s not what i’m saying , you need to build to the best of your abilities and aim to be the best version of yourself. I mean doing it for you is the most important thing. It’s defiantly not doing it to impress others or proving to them you can do it.

Prove to yourself what your capable of , who cares what others think. As long as you work hard and never give up then nothing else matter apart from if you are pleased with your accomplishments. That’s all that matters , what you think and that’s final.

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i am here to explain about how epilepsy has effected me and my life so far growing up and hope to achieve which is to improve the lives of other people. My Goal is to help change peoples lives who may feel lost or in need of guidance

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