Disabled Lives Matter

Disabled Lives Matter

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Ok , so don’t get me wrong when everyone came out with the “Black Lives Matter” yes i fully respected it and i believe it was the right thing to do because racism is a disgusting thing , the one thing that honestly frustrates me is when that happened it went worldwide with everyone supporting it.

Why do you never see anyone coming out with “Disabled Lives Matter” , when i was bullied for being disabled , college did zero about it. Honestly it feels like bullying disabled people gets overlooked and ignored.

My belief is that bullying the disabled should be as serious as racism , being treated for the way someone looks or can and can’t do honestly angers me. Someone got bullied for being in a wheelchair at the college i went to. Staff never got involved and police were never brought in.

Why? Everyone talks about equality so why should the disabled be treated any different , It’s time for change because bullying people with a disability which they think is funny , a mate of mine knew someone who took his own life for bullied for having a disability.

Why is that not a Criminal Offence , Justice needs to be made and police and Law needs to change and give a bigger punishment out for bullying someone with a disability. It’s disgusting and nothing is getting done. Let’s change the world and make a difference.

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i am here to explain about how epilepsy has effected me and my life so far growing up and hope to achieve which is to improve the lives of other people. My Goal is to help change peoples lives who may feel lost or in need of guidance

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